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How Diabetes Affects the Feet

Diabetes is starting to become a significant burden in society with regards to the medical care costs and given the obesity epidemic it's just going to get worse. Diabetes had numerous manifestations in which give rise to this burden which range from increased risk for strokes and heart disease, kidney difficulties, eye problems and of course, problems with the feet. The problems on the foot occur for a number of different reason. One is the poor blood circulation towards the feet which leads to a various healing difficulties. Another is that the nerve supply is affected by the diabetes and this means that each time a problem develops in the foot, there isn't any pain so much more damage gets done to the feet. There are also limitations within the immune system and this affects healing each time a problem will develop. People that have diabetes need to take special care of their feet, firstly to prevent just about any troubles creating and secondly, getting prompt cure when a problem will develop.


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