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> Lasers for Fungal Nail Infection of the Toenails

Lasers for Fungal Nail Infection of the Toenails

This is a little bit of a controversial subject as it new, expensive and plenty of unsubstantiated claims get made for it. Fungus infection with the toenails (or onychomycosis) are a common problem. This causes the nails to become deformed and grow with a yellowish staining. The biggest problem on this issue is that treatment can take months as you need to wait until the fungal elements grow out with the nail while it grows. In that time, mainly in the damp and moist environment of the shoe, the nail can easily get infected again since the fungus infection really like that dark and also wet environment within the footwear. Therefore, whichever treatment is used, regardless of how good it really is can easily fail because of the reinfection. The utilization of the laser is becoming well-known these days with plenty of anecdotes but no hard science to support it. The FDA had approved it as a safe, however haven't tested precisely how successful it is. There are various other treatments that have been shown to work. More studies required to know how the laser treatment stacks up to the other treatment options.


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