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> A fracture of the LisFranc Joint

A fracture of the LisFranc Joint

Looking around the forums, the fracture of the LisFranc joint can be an interesting dilemma. Lots of people are posting messages in forums getting help and advice for their fracture. I am uncertain that it is necessarily a good thing to acquire medical advice online in forums, but the amounts of individuals getting advice was what I found surprising. The LisFranc joint is the joint between your tarsus and metatarsus bones over the midfoot. It is named after the French doctor, Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin, whom first explained the injury over the War of the Sixth Coalition. The injury typically occurs each time a large weight, such has the foot being driven over by a car, happen. As a result there's often multiple fractures along with dislocations that occur. This also signifies that most cases won't be the same and the management of them is complex, hence lots of people getting advice online.


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