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Strapping and Foot Orthotics

Foot orthotics are usually and widely used to deal with lots of different feet problems and also the majority of the evidence supports their use. Even so, they do not necessarily work constantly, which is like every medical and surgical treatment technique. It will have problems, yet fortunately the failure rate with many treatments are lower. With any treatments, an excellent skilled specialist is definitely going to use approaches help the chances of any therapy working. When it comes to foot orthotics there are lots of approaches that will help predict whenever they work. One of them is a strapping method called low dye tape. It is named after Dr Ralph Dye, a podiatrist who developed this strapping. The concept of the strapping is to support the foot in the same way as to what a foot orthotic would do. When the tape or strapping works, then there's an excellent chance that foot orthotics will continue to work, therefore if the clinician is unsure, a period of strapping can provide some indications.


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