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> Measuring the range of motion at the ankle joint

Measuring the range of motion at the ankle joint

The range of motions in the rearfoot is so important for normal foot functions. In case the calf muscles are tight a range for difficulties could happen because of the change that occurs in the biomechanics. It truly is particularly important in children and will bring about difficulties with toe walking. For sports athletes, the tightness can cause a variety of different overuse injuries. From a clinical perspective examining the rearfoot range of motion is significant that range of motion is measured accurately and reliably so that appropriate clinical decisions get made when to deal with the limitation or not. Plenty of attention has been provided by podiatric physicians lately to the lunge test. This can be a weightbearing measurement of the range of motion in the rearfoot and it has been proven to be a lot more useful than other strategies to measuring the range of motions.


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